Thailand Video News | Weather experts debunk rumours of extended summer, Bangkok traffic cop killed by drunk driver during charity event

In this Thailand video news, Alex and Jay cover a series of recent events across Thailand, tragedy and turmoil have struck various regions, leaving a trail of chaos and uncertainty. A traffic policeman tragically lost his life in Bangkok during a charity event, falling victim to a drunk driver’s reckless actions. Meanwhile, Pattaya witnessed havoc as an intoxicated joyride spiraled into chaos, showcasing the dangers of irresponsible behaviour. In the Andaman Sea, a fishing trawler became engulfed in flames, prompting a daring rescue mission that saved nine crew members. Closer to shore, passengers found themselves trapped in a BTS lift, sparking an investigation into safety protocols. In Phuket, road rage took a dangerous turn as a van driver brandished a knife, leading to his arrest. Amidst these incidents, the Thailand Meteorological Department moved to dispel rumours of an extended summer, offering clarity amidst the chaos.

Traffic Policeman Killed by Drunk Driver During Charity Event in Bangkok

A traffic policeman, Deputy Inspector Assada Jumniansee, was tragically killed yesterday by a drunk taxi driver in Bangkok while managing traffic for a charity run. The incident occurred on Phaholyothin Road as a green and yellow taxi with a blood alcohol level of 287 milligrams percent collided with him, causing fatal injuries. Despite immediate medical attention at Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital, Assada succumbed to his injuries. In response, Police Major General Anant Worrasat of the Bang Khen Police Station has ordered a review of all benefits for government officials to ensure full support for Assada’s family, including assistance with religious ceremonies and welfare rights.

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Intoxicated Joyride Ends in Chaos in Pattaya, Young Man Arrested

In Pattaya, a 24-year-old Thai-English man was arrested following a destructive joyride while under the influence, resulting in multiple collisions along Pattaya South Road. Identified only as Matthew, his reckless driving in a Toyota Altis ended when he crashed into several parked vehicles and motorcycles, causing a domino effect but fortunately not injuring anyone. Witnesses, including local motorcycle taxi drivers, reported his erratic swerving before the collisions. Police at the scene discovered a plastic bag containing a white powdery substance, believed to be ketamine, in his car. Matthew admitted to consuming alcohol and ketamine, impairing his memory of the events. He was detained for further testing, including alcohol and drug screenings, as part of the ongoing investigation by Pattaya City Police.


Fishing Trawler Engulfed in Flames in Andaman Sea, Nine Crew Members Rescued

A rescue operation was successfully conducted in the Andaman Sea after the fishing trawler Sri Thong Pae 7 caught fire while refueling, 15 nautical miles southwest of the Koh Surin islands. The incident occurred early this morning and involved nine crew members, comprising two Thais and seven Myanmar nationals. They were rescued by another trawler, Charn Udom Sombat 1, which spotted the flaming vessel and evacuated the crew to safety. The Royal Thai Navy subsequently facilitated their transport to a fishing pier in the Khura Buri district. Five crew members sustained injuries, with a 54-year-old Thai engine mechanic suffering severe burns. The preliminary conjecture by the vessel’s skipper is that the fire may have been sparked by engine parts coming into contact with fuel oil vapours during refueling.


Investigation Launched After Passengers Trapped in BTS Lift in Thailand

Thailand’s Deputy Transport Minister, Surapong Piyachote, has called for an immediate investigation following an incident where passengers were trapped in a BTS station lift for over an hour. The malfunction occurred yesterday, trapping three passengers between the ticketing floor and street level at a station en route to Kheha on the BTS Skytrain’s Sukhumvit and Silom lines. The trapped passengers, consisting of one male and two females, were rescued after an hour, with CCTV footage confirming the duration of the ordeal. The lift, maintained by Kone, was immediately taken out of service for inspection. The Department of Rail Transport is overseeing the investigation and has emphasised the need for stricter supervision of service providers and enhanced training for BTS station staff. Additional measures include increased emergency preparedness and collaboration among related agencies to expedite incident resolutions. Compensation for the affected passengers is being expedited as per regulations.


Phuket Van Driver Arrested After Brandishing Knife in Road Rage Incident

In Phuket, a road rage incident escalated when a van driver, identified as 57-year-old Thanongsak Maenman, brandished a knife at a taxi driver. The confrontation took place near the Central Phuket intersection of Chaloem Phrakiat Rama 9 Road and was captured and shared on social media by witnesses. Prompted by the incident, the Phuket Transport Office coordinated with Wichit Police, who quickly located and arrested Thanongsak at his home in Thalang based on his vehicle’s license plates. Despite testing negative for drugs and alcohol, Thanongsak admitted to police that he was provoked by the taxi driver’s slow driving in the right-hand lane, which led to the threatening situation. He is now facing charges for carrying a weapon without reasonable cause and for causing fear through his actions. The taxi driver has filed an official complaint, and legal proceedings are underway.


Thailand Meteorological Department Refutes Extended Summer Rumours

The Thailand Meteorological Department (TMD) has debunked rumours circulating on social media that suggest an extended hot season lasting until September. The TMD explained that the typical Thai summer season spans from mid-February to mid-May, a period characterised by the country being closer to the sun and experiencing maximum solar radiation, especially in April. Despite temperatures occasionally exceeding 40 degrees Celsius, the onset of the rainy season around mid-May, brought by the southwest monsoon, generally cools the country down. The monsoon season, which lasts until mid-October, involves widespread rainfall and lower temperatures due to high humidity and monsoonal strength. By September, during the rainy season’s peak, the conditions are not conducive to prolonged heat. The TMD reassured the public that it will continue to monitor weather patterns closely and issue alerts for any severe conditions.

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