Thailand Video News | Health Ministry Greenlights medical opium and magic mushrooms, Thai hockey team beats Kuwait 57-0

In Thailand video news, Alex presents the various news across Thailand. From a French tourist’s arrest for drug dealing on Koh Pha Ngan to Thailand’s approval of medical opium and magic mushrooms, the nation’s news cycle is anything but dull. Thai netizens voice criticism over illegal workers in South Korea, while a student’s discovery of hidden cameras raises privacy concerns. Meanwhile, an intoxicated man’s arrest in a hospital prompts safety discussions, contrasting with Thailand’s stellar performance in the U-18 hockey tournament, where they dominate Kuwait 57-0.

French Tourist Arrested for Drug Dealing on Koh Pha Ngan

In a major operation on Koh Pha Ngan, Surat Thani police, with assistance from the Pa Cha Da Special Operation Unit, detained a 41-year-old French man at a hotel bar for narcotics trafficking. During the raid, officers confiscated 19.7 grams of cocaine, 23 ecstasy pills, a digital scale, and 6,000 baht in cash from the suspect, identified as Ilan. Additional incriminating items were later found at Ilan’s rented home. He now faces serious charges under Thailand’s strict Narcotics Code, which could lead to up to 15 years in prison and fines reaching 1.5 million baht. This arrest is part of a broader government effort to enhance tourism safety under the new administration of Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and involves stringent patrols of entertainment venues and tourist-heavy areas to deter criminal activity.


Thailand Approves Medical Use of Opium and Magic Mushrooms

Thailand’s Public Health Ministry has officially sanctioned the use of opium and psilocybin mushrooms, more commonly known as magic mushrooms, for medical treatment and research. This policy change, detailed in a directive published in the Royal Gazette and effective from today, reclassifies these substances as Category 5 narcotics. Unlike marijuana and hemp, which were previously deregulated, opium and magic mushrooms remain regulated but are now approved for medical and scientific applications. This shift, underpinned by the invocation of specific articles of the Narcotics Code, marks a significant transformation in the country’s approach to controlled substances, aiming to explore their potential therapeutic benefits.


Thai Netizens Criticise Illegal Workers in South Korea for Protest Against Arrests

Thai social media erupted in criticism towards illegal Thai workers in South Korea after they organised a protest against their arrests by local authorities. The protest, held outside the Yangju City immigration office, was led by a group, including one identified by the Facebook name Fonfon Snt, demanding a halt to what they called unjust treatment. The protesters, displaying banners and signs advocating for migrant labour rights and dignity, sparked a backlash on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Many Thai netizens accused them of harming Thailand’s national image and exacerbating visa and employment difficulties for others seeking legal employment in South Korea. The virality of the protest led Fonfon Snt to deactivate her Facebook account, and there has been no subsequent update from the Yangju Immigration Office regarding the incident. This episode adds to ongoing tensions over the impact of “Phi Noi” or “Little Ghosts” on the prospects of Thai nationals travelling or working in South Korea legally.


Student Discovers Hidden Cameras in Apartment, Prompting Legal and Privacy Concerns

A disturbing breach of privacy occurred when a student found hidden surveillance cameras in her apartment, sparking widespread concern about personal security. After the end of a relationship with her ex-boyfriend, who had shared the living space, the student noticed unusual familiarity with her activities, prompting her to search her apartment. In late March, she discovered two covert cameras: a large one concealed inside a cardboard box and a smaller one among everyday items on her table, both set up for remote access via mobile phone. Upon reporting this to the Khon Kaen police on March 18, her ex-boyfriend was questioned and admitted to installing the devices, ostensibly for audio recording, despite their visual recording capabilities. The incident, which highlights significant privacy risks, especially for women living independently, serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of vigilance and prompt action to safeguard personal spaces.


Intoxicated Man with Knife Arrested After Falling Asleep in Hospital

An intoxicated man, Nikorn Janruang, caused a scare at Chularat 11 Hospital in Bang Pakong, Chachoengsao, after he entered the facility with a knife around 1:30 AM and eventually fell asleep in an observation room. The hospital staff had to lock themselves in their rooms when Nikorn, carrying the knife, made his way to the seventh floor. A security officer later found him asleep beside the knife and promptly notified the police, who arrested him without further incident. Earlier in the night, Nikorn had dropped off another intoxicated individual at the local police station and then went to the hospital claiming to seek relief for a headache but ended up dozing off. He insisted that the knife was for self-defense. The police are investigating to determine the appropriate charges, stressing that Nikorn had no intention to harm anyone and was simply confused.


Thailand Dominates Kuwait 57-0 in Stark U-18 Hockey Tournament Opener

In an extraordinary display of dominance, Thailand trounced Kuwait 57-0 in the opening match of the U-18 Asian and Oceania Championship in Uzbekistan, marking one of the most lopsided victories in the history of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). The game, which took place on Tuesday, was Kuwait’s debut at the U-18 level, where they faced a staggering 122 shots from Thailand, managing only one shot in return. Natapat Patong was particularly notable, scoring seven goals and earning a total of 13 points. This massive win reflects Thailand’s growing prowess in the sport, having secured bronze in the last two Division IIIB U-18 World Championship tournaments. The tournament continues with Kuwait looking to recover in their next game against Malaysia, as part of a series of matches involving nine teams, concluding with the championship game on April 30.

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