Student finds hidden cameras in apartment, raises privacy alarms

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A student’s unsettling discovery of hidden surveillance cameras in her apartment sparked significant concern and drew attention to issues of privacy and personal security.

The student, who remains anonymous for her safety, found two cameras hidden within her personal space—an egregious breach of privacy that has prompted legal action and a public warning about the dangers of such invasions.

The incident came to light when the student, after ending a relationship with her former boyfriend with whom she shared her living space, noticed peculiar knowledge of her activities.

This led to a thorough search of her apartment in late March, where she discovered two hidden cameras—one large and one small—cleverly disguised and difficult to spot without close inspection.

The larger camera had been craftily installed inside a cardboard box with a hole drilled for the lens, while the smaller one was disguised alongside everyday items on her table.

Both devices were accessible by a mobile phone, revealing an intended use for remote viewing.

The situation escalated on March 18 when the student reported the matter to the Khon Kaen police, submitting the cameras as evidence.

The following day, police summoned the ex-boyfriend for questioning. He admitted to installing the cameras, claiming they were only meant for audio recording, a statement that contradicted the visual capabilities of the devices.

“It was a precautionary measure to protect myself should any footage be leaked. It’s clear that if such clips were released, my ex-boyfriend would be responsible. The intent behind posting about this incident is solely to warn others, not to shame anyone.”

This alarming episode highlights a growing concern for privacy violations, especially for women living away from family in accommodations such as hostels or apartments. It serves as a stark reminder to remain alert regarding one’s environment and to take immediate action if any such breach is suspected.

The student’s proactive response exemplifies the importance of awareness and the need for swift intervention to ensure personal privacy and security, reported by Sanook.

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