Thailand Video News | Woman assaulted in Bangkok gym after rejecting advances, PM unveils plans to build world’s tallest building

In this video, Alex and Jay bring a blend of news and stories, from Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s ambitious plan for the world’s tallest building with Arab technology to the recent arrest of a Deputy Minister’s son after a BMW crash in Bangkok. Tune in as the video covers the capture of a transgender fugitive, a woman’s assault sparking justice system outrage, a Chinese student lured into a ransom scam, and a Vietnamese woman’s health scare from daily milk tea consumption.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin Announces Plans for World’s Tallest Building in Thailand Using Arab Technology

Thailand’s Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has unveiled plans to construct the world’s tallest building in Thailand, a project inspired by his recent discussions with Arab companies, including the EMAAR Group known for developing Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. Through a post on his X account, Srettha, who also serves as the finance minister and is a former real estate tycoon, emphasised the use of innovative non-concrete construction technologies that will make the building a multipurpose hub featuring offices, a financial center, a hotel, and an entertainment venue. This ambitious endeavour aims to boost tourism and stimulate economic growth through private sector investment.

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Deputy Minister’s Son Arrested After Crashing BMW at Police Checkpoint in Bangkok

The son of a deputy minister was apprehended after his BMW sports car crashed into a police checkpoint in Bangkok’s Chatuchak district. The 46-year-old, who initially refused an alcohol test, was found to have an alcohol concentration of 183 milligrams per 100 milliliters of blood using a non-contact breathalyser—significantly above Thailand’s legal limit of 50 milligrams. He faced charges of driving under the influence and was temporarily detained at Pracha Chuen police station. Despite his uncooperative behaviour and allegations of police theft, he was released on a 20,000 baht bail. Under Thai law, such offenses can lead to a year in prison, substantial fines, and potential suspension of driving privileges.


Transgender Fugitive Captured After Two Years Hiding in Thai Meditation Center

After two years on the run, Amornthep Ata, a 29-year-old transgender woman, was arrested at a monastery in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand, ending her lengthy evasion of law enforcement. Amornthep, wanted for snatching a gold necklace from a noodle vendor and for prior drug-related offenses, had been using the religious sanctuary to avoid capture. The incident that led to her capture involved a meticulously planned theft executed with the aid of a borrowed motorcycle, enabling her swift getaway. Following her arrest, police emphasised the inappropriateness of exploiting religious institutions as hideouts for criminal activities, urging offenders to seek genuine redemption and positively contribute to the community instead of evading justice.


Woman Assaulted in Bangkok Gym After Rejecting Man’s Advances, Sparks Outrage Over Justice System

A violent incident at a Bangkok gym, where a muscular man assaulted a Chinese woman after she rebuffed his romantic advances, has ignited public anger and raised questions about the fairness of the justice system. Captured on CCTV and shared widely on social media, the attack occurred in the Sukhumvit area gym where the man, previously offering free training to the woman, reacted violently to her preference for group sessions with friends. Following the assault, the woman reported the incident to the police, who proposed a seemingly trivial 20,000 baht settlement, deeming the assault “minor.” With plans to seek further medical evaluation, the victim’s struggle for justice continues amidst fears of police bias, with the public calling for a more equitable handling of such cases.


Chinese Student in Australia Lured to Thailand in Multi-Million Yuan Ransom Scam

A 22-year-old Chinese student, studying in Australia, was coerced into transferring over 7.5 million baht from funds meant for her education by a scammer gang. The gang, feigning as officials from various entities, manipulated her into traveling to Thailand with threats and demands for an 8 million yuan ransom from her parents. The ordeal involved several transactions and relocations across Thailand under duress, until police intervention on April 20. The Crime Victim Assistance Association and Thai police collaborated in tracking and rescuing the student, shedding light on a scamming method targeting wealthy international students. This case emphasises the challenges authorities face in tackling such transnational scams, often complicated by threats and the erasure of evidence.


Vietnamese Woman Suffers Kidney Failure from Decade-Long Daily Milk Tea Consumption

A 28-year-old woman from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, identified only as W, is currently receiving dialysis treatment for end-stage chronic kidney failure, a condition linked to her daily consumption of milk tea over the past ten years. Beginning in high school, W habitually drank two to three glasses of the sugary beverage each day, eventually replacing meals with it. Her severe health crisis became apparent last year when she experienced significant body swelling, breathing difficulties, and diminished kidney function, requiring emergency dialysis. Despite ongoing treatment, her condition shows no significant improvement, underscoring the serious health risks associated with prolonged intake of sugary drinks.

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