Vietnamese woman’s kidney failure linked to daily milk tea habit

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A 28 year old woman from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is undergoing regular dialysis treatment following a diagnosis of end-stage chronic kidney failure, attributed to her decade-long daily consumption of a popular beverage.

The woman, referred to as W for privacy, began treatment last year after presenting with symptoms like body swelling, breathing difficulties, and reduced kidney function, culminating in the need for emergency dialysis.

W’s condition was traced back to a routine that started in her high school days when she would consume two to three glasses of street-sold milk tea daily. This habitual intake of sugary drinks over the years has been linked to her current health crisis.

When W, now 28 years old, first arrived at the hospital over a year ago, she was in a critical state, with severe swelling and shortness of breath: classic signs of kidney distress. Subsequent medical examinations revealed that she was suffering from stage 5 chronic kidney disease, accompanied by high blood pressure and anaemia, necessitating urgent dialysis treatment.

Despite undergoing dialysis for more than three months, there was no significant improvement in her kidney function, indicating that irreversible damage had been done. The young woman’s plight has now become a cautionary tale, illustrating the devastating health consequences that can result from seemingly innocuous lifestyle choices made during youth, reported Sanook.

Her doctors pinpointed the excessive intake of milk tea as a likely contributing factor to her chronic kidney failure. W’s habit of replacing meals with milk tea, a practice she maintained for around ten years, is not an uncommon one, especially among adolescents and young adults who may be drawn to the drink’s sweet taste and the convenience it offers.

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