Thai transwoman fined for assaulting foreigner in Pattaya (video)

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Police fined a Thai transwoman for physically assaulting a foreign man at a bar in Pattaya over a service fee dispute.

A 33 year old Thai woman, Chomphu, who works in a Soi Bua Khao bar in Pattaya, filed a complaint against the transwoman at Mueang Pattaya Police Station. Chomphu reported that the Thai transwoman, later identified as 26 year old Saksit Wichaikattaya, caused chaos at the bar and drove away customers.

Chomphu revealed that the transgender suspect arrived at the bar on her motorcycle at approximately 3.50am on April 16. She decelerated and suddenly hurled a glass beer bottle at a foreign patron seated inside the establishment, causing a split lip.

This alarming act prompted other customers, particularly foreigners, to vacate the premises and subsequently share their negative experiences with friends, resulting in financial losses for the business. Chomphu urged the police to swiftly apprehend the suspect, emphasising that the incident tarnished Pattaya’s tourism reputation.

Utilising CCTV footage from the bar, the police successfully identified the transwoman and arrested her yesterday, April 21.

Saksit admitted to physically attacking the foreigner and claimed that the dispute over service fees motivated her. According to Saksit, the foreign victim asked her to provide a sexual service to his friend. She charged his friend 1,000 baht for the service but the foreign man told his friend not to pay her.

Saksit said she was angry and decided to commit the crime that night. Her actions could result in a fine of up to 5,000 baht under Section 397 of the Criminal Law, which pertains to annoying another person.

A similar assault, allegedly rooted in a service fee dispute, took place in Phuket last month. A video of the incident went viral on Thai social media. It showed two Thai transwomen attacking a foreign man until he collapsed on the road in the Patong neighbourhood of the province.

Another foreigner intervened and managed to calm the situation. Remarkably, neither party filed a complaint with the police after the incident.

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