Fun things to do indoors on a rainy day in Thailand (2022)

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The mention of the Thai “rainy season” sends the fear of dread running through most tourists and visitors alike, who imagine a deluge of endless water cascading from the sky for days on end. This is a common misconception held by holidaymakers. Yes, it does rain, and there will be days when the weather interferes with your vacation, but it won’t stop you from having a great time. Here are some fun things you can do on a rainy day in Thailand.

1. Experience a Thai massage

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What better way to spend a rainy day in Thailand than relaxing your muscles? Spa treatments and massages are hugely popular in Thailand. Most hotels will offer special promotions or deals. These spas offer a wide range of treatments, from regular aromatherapy massage to cannabis-infused treatments. But since you’re in Thailand, it’s the perfect opportunity to try an authentic Thai massage.

Thai massage is slightly different from the massages you might be used to. You won’t lie on a bed passively like in Shiatsu or Swedish massage. Instead, you will lie on the floor while the practitioner uses their entire body to create deep pressure.

There are numerous benefits of a Thai massage. It relieves physical and emotional tension, lowers stress, boosts energy, and even improves your range of motion.

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Here is our 2 cents. Choose a Thai massage parlour wisely, especially if you’re travelling with your family or a significant other. Some places might look like a typical Thai massage, but once you step inside, they offer “special massages” of an erotic kind.

2. Relax in a café

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The weather might stop you from visiting a temple or a beach, but consider it as a perfect opportunity to indulge in Thailand’s coffee scene. Cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya have great cafe culture, while tourist destinations like Koh Samui and Phuket boast trendy restaurants in superb settings. The cafe culture in Thailand has been thriving for the past few years with numerous themed cafes sprouting up, providing a picturesque interior perfect for selfies or a photo session.

If you’re not into taking photos then that’s okay, sit back, relax, and drink your favourite cup of joe. If you’re travelling with someone who has a sweet tooth, every café will have something to fulfil a craving. Also, visiting a cafe when it rains is an opportunity to plan ahead on what you want to do in Thailand.

3. Go on a shopping spree

Fun things to do indoors on a rainy day in Thailand (2022) | News by Thaiger
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Thailand has a number of attractive shopping malls, and they’re not going to disappear anytime soon. Locals love their shopping malls, and you can find them flocking to them on mass when they have the chance. Whether it’s after work, or at the weekend.

In theory, shopping malls seem like a boring activity especially if you’re visiting Thailand for the very first time. But don’t rule it out, they have everything you need from mouth-watering restaurants to designer boutiques to lower-brand clothes stores, making them a great destination when it rains. If you’re in Bangkok then every shopping mall reveals something special.

Siam Paragon has an aquarium and a bowling alley, perfect for families and couples alike; MBK Center has an arcade; EmQuartier has BOUNCE, an indoor trampoline park, while every floor of the 9-story Terminal 21 mall is decorated and designed with a theme on the world’s best-known shopping streets.

4. Visit the cinema

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When it rains, why not watch a movie or two in the cinema? Most cinemas in Thailand are located on the top floor of a shopping mall. Two of the nation’s biggest, SF Cinema and Major Cineplex, offer very similar experiences and prices.

Bangkok city center has an incredible amount of amazing cinemas to choose from. The city has its average price movie theatres, costing around 300 baht, but there is much more to the story. IMAX and 4D complexes are available but they are a bit more expensive. Want to watch a movie with your significant other? Great, because there are cinemas just for couples. Most of these cinemas will hit your pocket for 2,000 baht for a pair of seats but don’t be dismayed, a meal and drinks are included before the movie starts. Want the best of the best? Visit Enigma at Siam Paragon or Diplomat Screens at Central Embassy.

The only difference is whether you choose a special cinema. In Bangkok, prices tend to be higher than in other cities in Thailand. And please select carefully, movies are in both English and Thai languages.

5. Thai cooking classes

Fun things to do indoors on a rainy day in Thailand (2022) | News by Thaiger
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Thai food is renowned throughout the world for its outstanding tastes and flavours. Taking a cooking class is a great way to spend a rainy day in Thailand and gain a better understanding of Thai culture by learning how to make popular dishes.

There are a number of superb cooking schools that can teach you how to prepare everything from pad Thai, spring rolls, and tom yum soup. Some cooking courses will take you through the complete preparation process, including a visit to a local market to buy fresh ingredients. The best part, of course, is getting to eat your dish at the end of the lesson.

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