Odd number wins the Thai lotto

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It’s enough to send a Thai gambler into a frizz. A rather odd number won the 6 million baht jackpot in Tuesday’s bi-monthly Thai lottery. The ticket ‘999997’ was the prize winning number and Thai netizens are going ballistic! Usually when picking out a lucky number, people would rarely choose a ticket with so many repeating numbers.

But 52 year old Nattaya Thongson from Surat Thani bought 2 tickets with the same number, saying she was just looking for a ticket with 97 as the last 2 digits.

“I still cannot believe my own eyes that I was going to have 12 million baht overnight. I might spend some for merit, paying debts, and money investment for future business.”

The lottery is taken a lot differently in Thailand than it is in western countries. The Pattaya News says there are many different and superstitious ways people in Thailand figure out a lucky number. Some people say they speak to spirits and some pray, Pattaya News says.

Some collect numbers from certain events in daily life, like childbirth. Many rush to buy lottery tickets after a baby is born in a car, taking note of the car’s license plate number.

Last year, a baby was born at a Chon Buri hospital with 12 fingers and 12 toes. People who witnessed the birth said they planned to buy lottery tickets associated with the event. Some said they would find tickets with the number 24, representing the number of fingers and toes the child has. They also said they would find tickets with the car’s license plate number, 2289.

A few months ago, a Central Thailand couple won a total of 24 million baht when 4 of their tickets were big winners. The wife says she specifically bought tickets with the number 67, representing her husband’s age.

Foreigners can also play the Thai lottery. The draw is the 1st and 16th of every month.

SOURCE: Pattaya News

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