Vietnamese couple’s inflatable pool wedding day procession takes Internet by storm

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In an incredible display of love and resilience, a Vietnamese couple has become an online sensation after braving a torrential downpour on their wedding day. Not letting the floods in the southern region of Vietnam deter them, the couple found a unique solution – the groom guided his bride to their home on an inflatable pool.

Reports indicate that due to heavy rainfall that day, floodwaters were so high that cars were unable to traverse the roads. Consequently, to facilitate the traditional journey from the bride’s home to the groom’s home, an exceptional alternative was employed. The bride was perched on an inflatable children’s pool that served as a makeshift boat instead of the usual luxury car.

Taking the helm of this venture was the groom. Dressed impressively in a full suit, he had to roll up his trouser legs to the knees to wade through the water and guide the makeshift boat carrying his bride. He managed to keep her balanced and navigate their wedding procession successfully. Remarkably, the bride’s lovely red dress remained untouched, not dampened in the slightest, reported Sanook.

This wedding procession, though somewhat dishevelled, was met with bright smiles from the couple. Their happiness, clearly evident and infectious, was an ample testament to their blissful state. The uplifting spirit of the moment had spectators on either side of the road beaming along, mirroring the joy of netizens who came across the endearing wedding scene. People unanimously extended their congratulations and blessings to the newlyweds.

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One user commented…

“It’s a simple image, but it speaks volumes about the couple’s determination to face the rain and floods to be together.

Another said…

“They look so happy. What they have is not a luxury car, but love in their hearts and a smile on their faces.”

In tones of humour and adoration, a further comment read…

“It’s like picking up the bride in a convertible supercar.”

“The bride’s eyes are so happy. I couldn’t help but smile seeing them.”

Indeed, the couple’s flood-hit wedding has been a beacon of joy and a celebration of love amidst the challenging circumstances.

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