Go green, go local at KQ Dispensary, Bangkok

PHOTO: KQ Dispensary

If you’re in Bangkok, it isn’t just street food and temples that will take your breath away. There’s something even more enticing awaiting you in the Charoen Krung scene. Now, combine a delightfully quirky atmosphere with the finest cannabis, and voila! — you’ve arrived at KQ Dispensary. A mere five minutes walk from BTS Saphan Taksin, it’s just as easy to get to as it is fun. That’s why it’s the perfect destination for a convenient and exciting outing in Bangkok.

With ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Quality’ seamlessly woven into its name, KQ Dispensary boasts a spectacular array of strains. One to watch out for is Funky Charms, a 50-50 hybrid that is an undeniable star in the KQ galaxy.

Taste-wise, let’s just say that Funky Charms embodies the fresh explosion of biting into sun-kissed apricots and zesty grapefruit. According to Daniel, the owner of KQ Dispensary, this sweet sensation delivers a lively 26% THC boost that propels fun and flavours to stratospheric heights. Plus, who doesn’t love a side serving of local support with their high? As KQ evolves, it’s becoming a champion of the farm-to-dispensary trend, lending a helping hand to the local Thai economy.

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So, next time you find yourself wandering through the lively heart of Bangkok, don’t forget to swing by at this not-so-little gem, the KQ dispensary. Take yourself on a flavourful adventure that’s bound to add some magic to your day with strains like Funky Charms. Plus, you’ll be giving back to the community, too. Isn’t that something? Keep things chill, support local, and let’s paint the town green – KQ style!

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