US hit repeatedly by lethal tornadoes and thunderstorms, leaving death and destruction

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The devastating impact of tornadoes and thunderstorms in the US continued, with fatal incidents occurring in the Midwestern and Southern regions in recent days. There have been at least three casualties reported in Indiana and Arkansas, while dozens of homes sustained significant damage.

According to Cameron Wolf, who manages emergencies in Martin County, located in Indiana, one fatality was confirmed in the area. The victim’s relatives, who also suffered injuries, were immediately airlifted for urgent hospital care. Preliminary investigations suggest that the couple resided in a two-storey wooden shack which was badly damaged by the storm. However, the cause of death has yet to be disclosed.

Eric Funkhouser, head of the firefighting unit from Bargersville, said that even though there haven’t been fatalities in their jurisdiction, over 75 residences suffered moderate to severe damages, prompting local authorities to quickly arrange for temporary accommodation for affected families, reported Reuters.

Meanwhile, the office of the Lone Oak or Lonoke County Sheriff confirmed two fatalities due to a fallen tree hitting a house in the town of Carlisle located in Arkansas. According to, a website that monitors power outages, approximately 500,000 people experienced power cuts as of Monday morning.

Just the previous week, the US faced the wrath of tornadoes in Mississippi, causing at least one death and injuring around 20 people. Simultaneously, Texas and Florida were battling an intense heatwave, catalysing violent tornadoes, causing at least four deaths and heavy rains resulting in flooding, with almost 150 people being displaced.

Last year, in the American state of Kentucky, downpours caused massive flooding with a death toll of at least 28 people so far and thousands of local people displaced. The flood hit the eastern part of the state in what Governor Andy Beshear described as some of the worst rainfall in the history of Kentucky. To read more click HERE.

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