2 Thai women seek help after being lured into prostitution in India

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Two Thai women sought help from a lawyer after a Thai woman and her Indian husband lured them into prostitution in India.

The lawyer, Nopphon Auamson, revealed to the media yesterday, June 26, that 32 year old May and her friend 30 year old Da, who are trapped in India, called and requested he facilitate their return to Thailand.

ThaiRath interviewed the two women about the issue. They disclosed that they resided in Udon Thani and Yasothon in the northeastern part of Thailand before going to India. A Thai woman named Apple invited them to work as maids at a hotel in Mumbai City of India.

Apple assured May and Da that they would earn at least 100,000 to 150,000 rupees per month which is about 60,000 to 70,0000 baht. May and Da agreed to go and work at the hotel for three months and travelled to the country on April 4 of this year.

Upon their arrival at New Delhi’s airport, Apple and her Indian husband came to pick them up and escorted them to a hotel where they stayed for a night. The next day, the couple took them to the Orange Hotel in the southern city of Visakhapatnam.

Once there, Apple’s husband confiscated their passports and confined them to a hotel room. He informed them that leaving the room was prohibited, and a team would bring them food and beverages. Eventually, they were coerced into engaging in prostitution.

On June 8, they refused to service customers, leading to one Indian man slapping them and beating them with his belt. Desperate for help, the women reached out to other Thai individuals in India, and a Thai man responded to their plea, filing a complaint with the Indian police. The authorities intervened, rescuing them and arranging for a medical examination at a hospital.

To ensure their safety, the women have been placed under the protection of Indian authorities. They have been residing in a supervised dormitory, guarded by police officers 24/7, for a total of 18 days. However, they are struggling to find a means to return to Thailand, which prompted them to seek assistance from a Thai lawyer.

Thairath reported that the women have shared their ordeal with the Paveena Foundation for Children and Women, the Immigration Bureau, the Royal Thai Police, and other relevant departments, all working together to support the victims. They are currently awaiting the lawyer’s help in facilitating their journey back home.

In March, seven women, including four Thai nationals, were rescued from an illegal brothel disguised as a spa in Koregaon Park, Maharashtra, India. It is unclear whether the Thai women and others were involved willingly or were victims of trafficking.

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