Teen’s self-gratification habit linked to academic stress

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A grade 11 girl’s habit of constant self-gratification, was discovered when her mother noticed several irregularities and decided to seek medical help. It was found that the teenager’s abnormal behaviour was triggered by academic stress.

As the girl moved into grade 11, her mother observed several abnormalities in her daughter, whom she described as having a beautiful face and charming smile. The girl’s academic performance declined, she became more reclusive, often staying in her bedroom, and showed an unusual lack of emotional response to a recent family accident.

After the family’s situation stabilised, the mother had a chance to engage more with her daughter before finally deciding to consult a doctor.

“When I told her about the recent family issues, she seemed completely indifferent, even laughed as if she was glad. Considering her unusual behaviour, my husband and I decided to consult a doctor.”

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Dr Ngian, a Vietnamese physician, stated that after examining the patient, it was found that she had a constant need for self-gratification, indicating a lack of emotional control. During tests and special techniques to control brain emotions, the patient disclosed the cause of her abnormal psychological condition.

The patient confessed that since grade 8, whenever she felt academic pressure, she would go online to watch short films. During her search, she accidentally came across a sex clip and clicked to watch out of curiosity. The more she watched, the more excited she became, especially when she imitated those in the clips with self-gratification to relieve her ongoing stress.

“After the first time, there was a second time and many more. Every time I felt stressed, I would watch those videos, especially during exams. The academic pressure led me to gratify myself more and more, and I couldn’t stop.”

According to her confession to the doctor, she recently had a period where she gratified herself dozens of times a day. Soon her mind was consumed by thoughts of sexual gratification and she was unable to concentrate on anything else.

Following this, the patient underwent continuous treatment for a month, involving psychological counselling and music therapy. Gradually, her condition improved. She was able to quit her habit of stimulating herself to relieve stress.

Her studies improved, and she became more attentive to people and her surroundings, no longer being as obsessed as before, reported Sanook.

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