Birmingham couple’s midday bus sex sparks public outrage

A couple had sex on a Birmingham bus, causing an uproar. (via Joe)

A midday public display of intimacy on a bus in the bustling southern Bristol Street of Birmingham, West Midlands, England, left onlookers aghast. In a country where public transportation passengers are known to be quiet and polite, the English couple who were engaging in a sex act on the bus were caught and their actions sparked outrage among the local people.

The incident occurred on a local bus in the heart of Birmingham, a city teeming with people. Many people witnessed the couple’s lewd sex act through the large windows on the bus, but that did not seem to deter them. The man and woman involved were seen engaging in private activities in full view of the public.

Images shared on social media showed the couple sitting on the last row of the bus, with the woman perched on the man’s lap. Their continuous bodily movements, devoid of any embarrassment or shame, were in plain sight of other passengers. Although other bus passengers were sitting only a few steps away, no one dared to intervene in their sex or criticise them directly.

Public indecency
Image courtesy of Sanook.

A passerby, who witnessed the sex spectacle from outside the bus and shared a video clip of the incident on social media, could be heard exclaiming in disbelief.

“What is this? Unbelievable!”

It remains unclear how long the couple’s bus sex romp lasted, but as soon as the clip appeared on social networks, it quickly became a hot topic receiving a flurry of comments, criticism, and heated debates.

“They must only have enough money for a bus ticket.”

“Just imagine if there were elderly people or children on the bus. It’s disgusting and revolting.”

“Unbelievable. They have no shame. Why didn’t they just get a room?”

Under English law, the couple’s behaviour could be considered as breaching public order and committing indecent exposure in public. Their sex act on the bus is definitely punishable, potentially leading to imprisonment or a fine, reported Sanook.

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