Chumphon highway crash claims three lives, investigation ongoing

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A disturbing road accident involving several vehicles occurred on Asia Highway 41, Chumphon province, Thailand, leading to serious injuries and multiple fatalities. The incident was reported at 11pm yesterday, near kilometre markers 26-27 in Korn Sub-district, Sawi District.

The crash site was a chaotic scene, with a blue Toyota Revo pickup truck, licence plate 9307 Phetchaburi, transporting vegetables capsized and obstructing the left lane. The wreckage of a white Scania container truck was found overturned in a water ditch next to the road, with another six-wheeled Hino dump truck lying damaged in the same ditch.

Road Accident
Image courtesy of Khao Sod Online

Initially, a man, approximately 30 years old, was found with both legs crushed under the container. He was promptly rescued and rushed to the hospital. Three more individuals were reported missing. Two cranes were mobilised to lift the container from the ditch, a process that took several hours. At 3am today, three bodies were recovered from the wreckage.

The deceased were identified as 22 year old Kittisak Senakan, the dump truck driver, 39 year old Thongsak Thepchim, the pickup driver, and 37 years old Withaya Hatta. Their bodies were lined up by rescue workers for distraught relatives who had been anxiously awaiting news.

Preliminary investigation revealed that Thongsak was transporting vegetables from Ratchaburi province to Lang Suan District. He had to stop his journey when the rear left tyre of his pickup exploded.

ithaya, a friend of Thongsak, arrived to assist and parked his truck in front of Thongsak’s vehicle. Kittisak, who was transporting soil nearby, also stopped to help. Suddenly, a container truck driven by 53 year old Suphat Phairangam, crashed into the stationary vehicles, causing the fatal incident.

Road Accident
Image courtesy of Khao Sod Online

Suphat, who suffered minor injuries, remained at the scene with his wife and cooperated with the police. The authorities are conducting a detailed investigation to determine the exact cause of the accident and to take legal action against the container truck driver, reports KhaoSod Online.

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