Malaysian woman dies after refusing to remove charm needles found throughout her body

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

A shocking medical case in Malaysia recently came to light, involving a severely ill 60 year old woman who was found to have charm needles embedded all over her body, including her eyes, face, neck and chest. The woman, despite medical advice to remove the needles, refused, leading to her unfortunate death.

The unusual case was shared by a doctor named Raszif on TikTok, recounting an unforgettable experience from his years as a medical trainee at a local hospital.

The patient, a 60 year old woman, was admitted for treatment for a stroke which left one side of her body paralysed and rendered her unable to speak. However, she retained her senses and was responsive.

During the initial examinations, which included blood tests, CT scans and X-rays, doctors were startled to find needles scattered throughout her body. These were concentrated in four areas: the eyes, face, neck, and chest. These slender needles, known as charm needles, were made of gold or other metallic materials, reported KhaoSod.

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Local beliefs, heavily influenced by Indonesian traditions, hold that inserting these charm needles can captivate people and ensure success in all endeavours. There is also a long-standing belief that these needles must be removed from the body before death; failure to do so could result in a more tormenting death than usual.

However, despite Dr Raszif’s urgent advice to the patient to remove these needles as soon as possible for her safety, she vehemently refused until her last moments. Despite his repeated attempts to persuade her, she remained steadfast in her refusal.

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