Late-night hair washing a headache in more ways than one for Hanoi banker

Photo: Sanook.

A concerned 40 year old bank employee in Hanoi recently sought medical attention due to blurred vision and headaches. The woman, who often returned home late from work, had a late-night hair washing habit, sometimes as late as 11pm.

Late-night hair washing, coupled with her work stress, led to sudden migraines, according to a local health department head.

The patient noted that due to the nature of her job, she often returned home late. This led her to develop a habit of bathing and washing her hair late at night. Her recent bouts of headaches and blurred vision prompted her to seek medical help, which resulted in a diagnosis of sudden migraines.

The doctor explained that continuous late-night hair washing for about 20 minutes, combined with prolonged anxiety and stress, were the reasons for the sudden onset of migraines in this bank employee. Furthermore, he noted that late at night, the eye pressure is usually higher than normal, hence long bending times can increase the front eye pressure, leading to sudden migraines.

“This disease is more common in women than in men. If not treated from an early stage, it will affect vision, even leading to permanent vision loss.”

Not only does late-night hair washing increase the risk of migraines but it also impacts other health issues and could even lead to death. A former head of a neurology department at a central acupuncture hospital said that bathing late at night is extremely harmful to health, especially for those with a history of high blood pressure, the elderly, pregnant women, and children.

Health Implications and Recommendations

Even healthy individuals can be affected by this habit, especially when the temperature changes suddenly. Those who bathe at night are also at risk of complications, especially if they have a history of chronic diseases, and may even die suddenly reported Sanook.

As for slow hair washing, the doctor warned that this behaviour could make patients susceptible to colds, affecting blood circulation and negatively impacting health.

Slow hair washing and not drying hair thoroughly can also have severe consequences, such as a stroke of the 7th nerve, headaches, and poor sleep.

Experts recommend bathing before 8pm, to avoid impacting sleep. It’s best to have a warm bath, even in summer, and dry the body and hair immediately after bathing to avoid a cold scalp.

When bathing, one should not pour water directly from the head to the feet. One should bathe each part first and then wash the hair. This way, the body gradually gets used to the water without affecting the nervous system or the blood vessels in the brain.

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