Indonesian single mum uncovers shocking infidelity of her husband

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In a startling display of deception and betrayal, a single mother encountered a harsh reality when she found pictures of her husband with another woman. The woman had been raising their daughter alone since her birth, assuming her husband’s constant absence was due to his work in Singapore.

For the past four years, Feera’s husband has been working in Singapore to support their family. In all that time, he hadn’t once returned home.

In a poignant statement, she said…

“My daughter, who is now four years old, has never seen her father. I have had to work hard to support my child alone.”

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Feera had assumed that her husband’s work left him no time to return home. Still, she never suspected that he had re-married and chosen a new love in Singapore.

One day, Feera received a photograph from a friend which felt like a bolt from the blue. The image showed her husband near a stranger – a woman.

Without seeing this, Feera would have continued to live in the naïve belief that her husband was a responsible and honest man.

Once the truth was exposed, she had to confront reality. She realised why her husband’s replies to her messages were brief and unenthusiastic. She said…

“I thought it was because he was busy with his work, but I never thought it would be like this.”

Eventually, Feera decided to divorce him, informing her family about his shocking betrayal. Moreover, she exposed the affair on social media, posting screenshots of conversations between her husband and this other woman. However, these video clips have since been deleted, reports Sanook.

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