Bangkok locals act swiftly in late-night temple community fire

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Panic ensued following a sudden fire that broke out in Bangkok‘s Samphraya Temple community. The blaze quickly spread across three houses, however, thanks to the swift reaction of the locals, all residents, including the elderly and bedridden, were safely evacuated. Preliminary reports indicated no injuries or fatalities resulted from the incident.

Shortly after midnight this morning, officers from Chana Songkhram Police Station received reports of a residential fire within Soi Samsen 5, Samsen Road, Wat Samphraya district, Bangkok. The police promptly responded, coordinating with Bangkok’s disaster prevention and mitigation officials, and volunteers from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation.

On arriving at the scene, they discovered a rapid and fierce fire engulfing three closely built two-story wooden houses. Their rapid intervention saw the fire contained and extinguished within 20 minutes, preventing further damage and loss. Three houses were severely damaged, but thankfully, there were no injuries or fatalities reported.

According to residents, the destroyed houses were usually occupied by five elderly siblings. On the night of the incident, only three residents were present, while the other two were away. The origin of the fire remained unknown at the time, as flames erupted suddenly and swiftly spread through the homes.

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Neighbours informed the police upon discovering the fire and proceeded to help evacuate the elderly residents from the homes. One of the evacuees was an 81 year old bedridden man known as Kraithep.

Following the event, Chana Songkhram Police Station officers stated they would coordinate with forensic investigators to determine the cause of the fire, reported KhaoSod.

Six days ago, on Soi Saiwai Suwann, located in the Tao Poon neighbourhood of Bangkok’s Bang Sue district, a fire broke out in three residences.

After the police reached the site, the inferno could be seen covering a two-story wooden house. In addition, the fire also damaged two houses nearby. Finally, the fire was brought under control after about 20 minutes of spraying water over the affected area by the police. For more information, click on this LINK to read more.

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