Middle-aged Chinese bride marries without dowry demand

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A 47 year old bride has married for the first time, making no demands for a dowry, house, or car, only wanting her groom, who is remarkably handsome. The wedding took place in the city of Fujian, China, where the middle-aged woman discovered true love and donned a wedding dress for the first time.

Despite the age gap seeming significant, there was merely a five-year difference, with the groom being 42 years old. Even the best makeup artists couldn’t conceal the wrinkles on the bride’s face, but her broad smile was the most prominent feature of the day.

The ceremony concluded with vows before witnesses who were relatives from both sides. Everyone worked hard to organise the wedding, and as long as the couple was happy, it was considered a success, reported sohu.

Relatives and friends recounted that the bride didn’t ask for anything – no wedding gifts, no house, or car – she simply wanted her partner for life. When asked if she regretted marrying late, she remained silent, her expression a mixture of emotions. Her peers had children, and at her age, pregnancy and having a first child could be dangerous. Contemplating this, it was impossible not to feel a pang of regret.

Yet, some teased that if younger women could lower their expectations like her, they wouldn’t remain single and be called old maids or aunts. As age increases, the chances of finding the right one decrease, and it becomes a matter of gradually lowering one’s own specifications or desires.

In related news, a wedding in China took an unexpected turn when the bride, Xiao Meng, refused to bow to her close friend’s demand for an additional dowry of 200,000 yuan (1 million baht). Xiao Meng and her groom, a hardworking and ambitious young man named Xiao Jun, remained unfazed by the request, prioritising love over money. To read more click HERE

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