Stranded man sells appliances for 800 baht to visit ill sister

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A 56 year old man was deceived and abandoned by a van driver, leaving him stranded along Bang Na-Trat Road, Bang Phli district, Samut Prakan province.

Phorncharoen Saengthothep, originally from Udon Thani, was travelling back home to care for his sick sister suffering from diabetes and had sold his rice cooker and fridge for 800 baht to fund his journey. However, after loading his belongings onto the van, the driver asked him to wait for another van, which never arrived.

The man was found crying on the side of the road with his belongings scattered around him. He had been working as a construction worker in the Lat Krabang area and had decided to return home to take care of his sister, who was seriously ill and facing leg amputation due to diabetes. He had sold his rice cooker and refrigerator for a total of 800 baht to pay for his journey home. He had asked his fellow workers to arrange a provincial van for him, clearly informing the driver that he was travelling to Udon Thani.

Upon reaching the incident location, the van driver told him to get off and wait for another van, offloading all his belongings in the process. After waiting for several hours, no van arrived. He tried to hail a taxi, but no one stopped. He was finally noticed by a couple passing by on a motorcycle, who he flagged down for help, reported KhaoSod.

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Phorncharoen further revealed that his wallet, which he had initially kept in the van, was tightly closed. However, upon alighting from the vehicle, he found his wallet open with only little over two hundred baht left. He was uncertain of how he lost his money. At present, he expressed his desperate desire to return home and take care of his ailing sister.

Moved by his story, the reporter decided to drive Phorncharoen home to Udon Thani. A generous donor from PP Auto Mag also offered to cover the fuel costs for this journey.

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