Wedding dowry drama: Bride rejects friend’s extra 1 million baht demand

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A wedding in China took an unexpected turn when the bride, Xiao Meng, refused to bow to her close friend’s demand for an additional dowry of 200,000 yuan (1 million baht). Xiao Meng and her groom, a hardworking and ambitious young man named Xiao Jun, remained unfazed by the request, prioritising love over money.

Xiao Jun, known for his good looks and high aspirations, worked tirelessly after completing his education. He saved up and meticulously planned for his future. His girlfriend, Xiao Meng, is a young woman whom his parents also admire. Upon discussions of marriage, Xiao Jun’s family presented a gift worth 60,000 yuan (300,000 baht).

However, when Xiao Meng’s close friend heard about this, she criticised the amount as insufficient, advising Xiao Meng to demand an extra 200,000 yuan from her fiance. This, she claimed, would be a testament to his love for Xiao Meng. She, who was not marrying for money, only responded with a faint smile.

On the wedding day, Xiao Meng invited her close friends, Xiao Li, and Xiao Lan, to be her bridesmaids. When the groom came to receive the bride, Xiao Lan suddenly obstructed him, demanding an additional 200,000 yuan. As the groom stood bewildered, the bride picked up her bouquet, stood up, took her groom’s hand, and walked towards the wedding ceremony. She left her friend with the words, “My wedding is none of your business.”

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Once this wedding dowry story was shared online, numerous netizens applauded the bride’s decision. Some comments suggested that the friend must be extremely envious to see Xiao Meng getting married. They praised Xiao Meng for her quick response, suggesting that her friend could have potentially harmed her.

Past incidents have shown friends causing weddings to fall apart, advising brides to take actions that eventually lead to grooms refusing to proceed with the marriage. This has sparked severe criticism on social media, reported Sanook.

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