Ceramic plate on TV show revealed as valuable Ming Dynasty relic

Photo: Sanook.

The fascination for antique collections has gained traction in modern society, leading to the growth of the antique business market. Numerous people have amassed wealth through trading these relics and ceramic plates. However, expertise is crucial to avoid deception in this field.

This has led to the popularity of the show Appraisal of Treasures aired by China Central Television (CCTV). The show has always garnered a vast viewership as while each participant brings an item for the experts to appraise, the audience gets to guess and anticipate the item’s value.

One young woman appeared on the show with a massive ceramic plate.

She revealed that since her earliest memory, her grandmother had used this plate to feed fish in her bedroom. During her primary school years, her father sold it, which greatly angered her grandmother, who ordered him to buy it back at any cost.

The grandmother’s reaction left her father very confused, as he couldn’t understand why his mother attached such importance to this ordinary ceramic plate.

Eventually, he had to spend a whopping 8,000 yuan (40,000 baht), an amount that could potentially buy a house at that time, to reclaim it.

Ceramic plate on TV show revealed as valuable Ming Dynasty relic | News by Thaiger
The young woman with her fish-feeding ceramic plate at a CCTV show in China. Photo by Sanook.

The incident left the young woman puzzled too. Even after a decade, she was still clueless about the ceramic plate’s significance. Hence, she decided to bring the ceramic plate to the treasure appraisal experts to decipher its actual value.

After listening to the young woman’s story, the expert meticulously inspected the ceramic plate. Eventually, he confirmed the grandmother’s wisdom by stating that the plate, used by the grandmother to feed fish, was a blue-and-white porcelain plate from the Ming Dynasty.

It was relatively large compared to the usual ones. The bottom of the plate was unglazed but was as smooth and delicate as baby skin.

An expert said it was impossible to confirm the exact value of this plate, but it will definitely fetch a significant amount if sold.

Upon hearing the expert’s conclusion, the young woman’s face beamed with immense happiness. She had never imagined that her house was home to a Ming Dynasty antique, and she had to acknowledge her grandmother’s sharp intelligence, reported Sanook.

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