Ex-mother-in-law’s gift of an antique bowl worth over 14 million baht

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A 30 year old woman was left stunned after discovering a seemingly antique bowl, a parting gift from her ex-mother-in-law, was worth over 14 million baht. The revelation occurred on the popular television show Asset Appraisal on China Central Television (CCTV), where experts evaluate the worth of various items brought in by participants.

The woman, who had recently divorced her husband due to irreconcilable differences, was gifted the antique bowl by her former mother-in-law. Despite their separation, the older woman insisted on gifting her the bowl, suggesting she could sell it if she ever found herself in financial difficulties.

Initially, the younger woman had dismissed the object as a simple bowl, nothing particularly valuable or special. However, curiosity led her to the television show, seeking to ascertain the true worth of her ex-mother-in-law’s gift. The experts were astounded by the object and praised the woman’s former mother-in-law for her incredible generosity.

The antique bowl, they revealed, was crafted from pure jade and dated back to the reign of Emperor Qianlong, making it approximately 300 years old. Not only did it hold significant historical and cultural value, but its meticulous craftsmanship and excellent preservation only added to its worth. The bowl was estimated to be worth a staggering 3 million yuan, equivalent to over 14 million baht.

The experts further expounded that after a divorce, the couple’s property is legally divided, and in-laws are not bound to provide anything to their former sons or daughters-in-law. Yet, the mother-in-law’s act of gifting such a valuable item showed the depth of her affection and perhaps even remorse for her son’s inability to provide a fulfilling marital life.

On hearing the assessment, the woman was visibly shocked and confused, not anticipating such a valuable gift from her ex-mother-in-law. With a baffled expression, she took her valuable antique bowl and left the stage, reported Sanook.

The Asset Appraisal show on CCTV is a widely followed and beloved program, credited with having leading experts in antiquities and assets. Audiences are fascinated by the eager anticipation of an owner as they wait to discover whether the objects brought in for appraisal are genuine or fake, and just how much they exceed expectations in value.

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