Landslide in Chaiyaphum province prompts dramatic rescue

Photo: KhaoSod.

A landslide incident near the floodgate of the Chi River in Chaiyaphum province led to a dramatic rescue. Five locals yesterday narrowly escaped death as the ground gave way, causing multiple motorcycles to fall into the river.

The unexpected event occurred at Bueng Lahan (Yai Kaew canal), Nong Bua Ban sub-district, Chatturat district.

Volunteers from the Nong Bua Ban Subdistrict Administrative Organization and Sawangthammana rescue volunteers were immediately dispatched to inspect the situation.

The landslide resulted in a number of motorcycles falling into the water near the floodgate of the Yai Kaew Canal. The ground had collapsed into the Chi River, leaving a pile of soil where residents’ motorcycles were stuck.

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Residents recounted that three more motorcycles had slid down with the landslide and were submerged underwater.

In total, five locals were present at the scene during the incident, one of whom, a middle-aged man, had fallen into the water as the ground collapsed. However, he managed to scramble back to safety. All five were in a state of shock, helping each other to cross over to the safe side of the bank.

Landslide Survivors

Among the landslide survivors was 40 year old Chom Khenleam, a resident of Chaiyaphum province. He said he and his relatives had been fishing in the area almost every day and had only moved closer to the river that day as they had noticed an abundance of fish.

He added that they were taken by surprise when the ground began to collapse and slide into the river, causing his motorcycle to get submerged. He and the remaining individuals then cautiously made their way back, expressing that it was a shocking experience they had never encountered before.

Another landslide survivor, 43 year old Adisak Prawai, shared that he had witnessed a man fall in and waited to see him resurface. He had attempted to move his motorcycle but before he could do so, the ground collapsed again and he fell along with his vehicle.

Fortunately, he did not fall into the water. He expressed his shock at the unprecedented event, reported KhaoSod.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the landslide incident was caused by falling water levels that led to ground collapse.

Rescue officials had to coordinate with Sawangthammana rescue volunteers of Chatturat district to search for the three submerged motorcycles. The challenge lies in whether they could be easily retrieved as they may have been buried under piles of soil.

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