Bride returns dowry tenfold and gifts land rover in Thai baht value

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What is the appropriate dowry? Many people have argued that for couples who truly love each other, the value of the dowry is merely a formality. This is because what the bride truly desires may not be wealth, but rather the positive attitude of her life partner and a married life filled with happiness and understanding.

On November 9, a grand and lively wedding took place in the Shandong province of China, which drew tremendous attention. The beautiful bride, adorned in a white wedding gown, stood next to the handsome groom, dressed in a black suit and tie, who towered over her.

The couple held hands as they entered their wedding hall together.

The highlight of the event was the groom presenting the bride with a dowry of 88,000 yuan (434,000 baht). However, the bride returned a staggering 888,000 yuan (4,457,000 baht), over ten times the original amount, along with a Land Rover.

In reality, the bride’s family has a higher social standing than the groom’s family. This initially led many to view the relationship between the two suspiciously, believing that mismatched love and different statuses could never last.

They assumed that the couple had fallen for each other due to the novelty of their relationship and that once this novelty wore off, the relationship would lose its charm and face inevitable issues.

True love transcends materialism

However, reports suggest that the bride and groom have been in a relationship for many years, born out of genuine love, free from any coercion or matchmaking. After spending several years together, not only have they had no disputes, but their love has deepened to the point of registering their marriage. They hosted their wedding day with a baby on the way, making it a family affair.

Because of their deep love for each other, the bride requested a dowry of just 38,000 yuan (190,000 baht). From her perspective, because she loves him, she should not make him feel embarrassed.

At the same time, the groom believed that no matter how little money he had, he could not let his beloved lose face in front of everyone. Therefore, he added an extra 50,000 yuan (246,700 baht) to the initial amount, making it a total of 88,000 yuan.

The groom did not expect the bride’s family to return ten times the dowry and even gift a fully paid Land Rover. Many wedding guests envied the groom. In this materialistic era, several disputes in China have arisen due to materialistic thinking.

In some cases, the groom must provide a house and a car, and when a marriage ends, the marital assets must be divided equally. Therefore, a kind and lovely bride like this is considered a breath of fresh air in the real wedding world and is seen as true love. When you love someone without considering anything and give them the best of yourself, it is real love.

The bride added, “It’s not because I have money, it’s just a matter of perspective.”

For her, she had initially asked for a dowry of 380,000 yuan, but the groom willingly gave 880,000 yuan and even organised the grandest wedding. All she wanted was a good attitude and to take care of each other, reported Sanook.

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