Office love controversy: Young worker proposes to 50 year old boss

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A surprising love confession between a 26 year old office worker and his 50 year old female boss stirred Chinese social media. The young man decided to propose to his boss amidst a company party, revealing the affection he had developed over time.

The 26 year old had previously been romantically linked to his colleagues, but due to income disparities, his advances were continuously rebuffed. Exasperated, he turned his attention to his boss, a 50 year old woman, who was previously married but not for long. The woman was known for her remarkable treatment of her employees, with the young man being no exception.

He found his boss to be well-established, not too old, and kind towards him, which led to his growing fondness for her. He kept his feelings to himself until a company party at a restaurant, where he decided to express his love for her.

During the party, he confessed his love to his 50 year old boss. Initially, she rejected his proposal, but he was persistent.

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“I joined this company because I liked you. I saw you by chance at a restaurant and knew instantly I had feelings for you. That’s why I interviewed for this company; I wanted to be with you.”

His heartfelt confession left the single boss, who had known him for a long time, slightly flustered and embarrassed. The young man then quickly slipped a ring onto her finger, and the woman eventually accepted his proposal, reported Sanook.

However, the office love confession between the 26 year old man and his older boss has sparked debate on social media, with most netizens believing that the man’s primary motive was his boss’s wealth.

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