AirAsia Malaysia requiring all passengers to be vaccinated

FILE PHOTO: AirAsia Malaysia will require all travellers to be fully vaccinated.

AirAsia, the Southeast Asian budget airline carrier based in Malaysia, has announced that they will only allow passengers to travel on their flights if they have been fully vaccinated. It is unclear if this will apply to all regional AirAsia divisions, but it appears to be implemented first in Malaysia.

The announcement made today said that the Malaysian unit will only allow fully vaccinated passengers as it now will be resuming domestic flights and looking ahead to international flight service hope to be starting up again soon.

The budget airline has been at the forefront of Covid-19 safety, with strict regulations aimed at preventing any outbreaks on their flight. All employees of AirAsia have been fully vaccinated since at least August.

Passengers have also been required to check-in using a mobile app in order to avoid any unnecessary physical interaction between passengers and staff alike. The airport check-in, security, and boarding process have all been streamlined to make the flight experience as sterile and socially distanced as possible.

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Following the announcement that AirAsia will only accept fully vaccinated passengers, they did make an exception for those who are under 18 years old and have not received full vaccinations yet, allowing them to travel only when accompanied by a fully vaccinated family member.

While AirAsia has some of the strictest measures in the airline industry to prevent the spread of Covid-19, many airlines are announcing similar rules for the foreseeable future. Qantas Airways in Australia announced last month that all of their international flights will require that passengers have full vaccinations. Air New Zealand followed suit this week, announcing the same vaccination requirements for their passengers.

SOURCE: Reuters

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