24 arrested at illegal party in Koh Samui luxury villa

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Perhaps people are getting fed up with Covid-19 restrictions keeping them isolated and unable to socialize and party. Or maybe the police are cracking down more on the illegal parties that often become Covid-19 clusters or superspreader events. Either way, stories of private parties in violation of Covid-19 Emergency Decree restrictions being busted seem to be cropping up more and more frequently in recent weeks. And in the early hours of this morning in Koh Samui, police broke up a party and arrested 24 people.

Last night, just after midnight, police raided a private party in a luxury villa in the Plai Lam/Choeng Mon area on the northeastern part of Koh Samui. They arrested 24 people, 11 foreigners (10 men) and 13 Thai nationals (10 women) for violating Covid-19 regulations. 4 of the people detained had reportedly recently recovered from Covid-19.

According to reports in Thai media, a French man and a Filipina woman were found in possession of cocaine in their pockets and face drug charges. One of the Thai men had a warrant out from April for involvement in cybercrimes, possibly spreading fake news and scamming people on social media.

At 12:15 am, members of the Bophut Police Station and the Koh Samui District Administrative Officers arrived at Viewpoint Lamborghini Villa Koh Samui and saw that many cars and motorbikes were parked at the premises. They heard loud music from inside the house and, upon searching the Samui villa, found a party in the basement area. 89 bottles of alcohol and beer were seized from the party.

The luxury villa boasts a bowling alley, pool table and games, along with a mini cinema theatre and large pool and hosts private events and parties. Their Facebook page advertises events last month for sports viewing parties and DJ parties. According to one post, the villa was allowed to operate events as a sports venue during Covid-19 restrictions, though other posts indicate they were open after the 9 pm curfew for sporting venues and were serving beer.

Just a few weeks ago Koh Samui experienced its first major outbreak of Covid-19 when a nightclub hosting illegal parties caused over 170 people to become infected.

SOURCE: Channel 7

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