Missing man’s body found in pond in Phuket

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Yesterday, police found the dead body of a Burmese worker in a pond near a durian plantation in Thalang, a district in central Phuket.

At approximately 10am yesterday Thalang police arrived after being alerted by the missing man’s boss, Paisit Uthitkul, who is also the village head of Moo 1, Thepkrasattri.

When the police and rescue workers got to the scene they saw Pasit next to the pond. He held a shirt that had belonged to the missing man, who has only been identified as “Mr Ko” by police.

Pasit and his coworkers had previously looked for “Mr Ko” but couldn’t find him. 4 divers from a rescue foundation were tasked with searching for the body. 15 minutes later they found the body of Mr Ko 15 metres from the edge of the pond. He was clad in black shorts and nothing else.

Pasit said they found the shirt close to here they were planting durian.

“I do not know why Ko would have gone into the pond. He may have accidentally fallen into the pond. About three years ago, my dad also died in an area nearby, and a local resident was [previously] found dead after falling into the pond.

Ko is a young man with a big body, but he frequently got sick and had to be in hospital. Ko had worked with me for seven years, and we had become close friends.”

Pasit says that Mr Ko and 3 other workers went to the plantation every day to plant durian trees. However, yesterday, shortly after getting to the plantation, Pasit says he was unable to find Mr Ko and none of his coworkers could provide an explanation for Mr Ko’s whereabouts.

Police say his Mr Ko’s body did not show any signs of struggle.

SOURCE: The Phuket News

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