Rescuers save 2 year old boy with head stuck in gate

PHOTO: An automatic gate trapped a two year old boy's head. (via ข่าวศรีราชาท้องถิ่น)

Every parent’s worst nightmare came true on Thursday for a Chinese mother. Her two year old son sustained serious injuries in a freak accident that saw his head get stuck in an automatic gate mechanism. The terrifying incident occurred in the Sri Racha district of Chon Buri on Thursday, and luckily police were on the scene to jump in and save the young boy.

At about 6.10pm on Thursday, the boy’s head became lodged in an automatic gate. The gate was protecting a parking lot for a housing complex in the Bowin subdistrict of Sri Racha. The Pattaya News did not report details of how the boy’s head became stuck in the gate – whether he was playing nearby or just somehow got in the way as it was closing.

One stroke of good luck befell the toddler in trouble though – a police captain from the Sri Racha Police Station happened to live next door to the gate that had trapped the toddler. He quickly came to help, and rescue workers were called to the scene to help free the boy as well.

In the end, the iron gate had to be cut to free the boy’s head from its vice-like grip.

The two year old boy’s head was finally freed of the automatic gate and he was rushed to a nearby hospital where he received medical attention. His current condition has not been confirmed, but the injuries to his head were described as serious.

The month expressed her thanks to the rescue workers and the police chief who coincidentally was a neighbour.

The story was reminiscent of an incident that happened nearby in Chon Buri when a man moving dirt with a tractor on his land accidentally ran over and killed his own two year old daughter.

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