Police bust 2 drug parties, arrest 43 teenagers

PHOTO: Some 43 teenagers were arrested in two separate drug party busts. (via TPN National)

Move over adults, it’s time for the kids to join in. After a series of high-profile raids on entertainment venues around Thailand, in part as a crackdown on drugs after the meth ties to the daycare centre killer, police busted two parties full of mostly teenagers in Chon Buri this week. Police officials announced that in the early hours of Thursday morning they raided two separate events they characterised as drug parties, and arrested 43 teenagers at them.

The parties were busted in the Sattahip district of Chon Buri, and the raids took place at about 2.30am. Chon Buri Police called a press conference yesterday to detail the raids and the mass arrests. The chief commander of the police force described the busts that took place at two separate resorts in the Phlu Ta Luang subdistrict in the Sattahip area, though the venues the teenagers partied at were not named.

He said that several concerned citizens complained to the police about the underage drug parties. So police officers went and broke up both of the parties that received complaints and found a wealth of drugs and teenagers at both. Police stated that they intend to fully prosecute all of the teenagers arrested at the drug party busts.

The first party netted several packets of ketamine, along with other unsavoury items including a homemade handgun with 20 bullets. The drugs and weapons were confiscated, along with a car. Police also arrested 17 males and nine females, a total of 26 teenagers at the party. Four of them were under the age of 18. They were all drug tested at the scene with most coming back positive.

The second party was busted up with fewer people, but more underage attendees. A total of 17 teens – 10 males and seven females – were arrested at that party. More than half were underage, nine in total. TPN National reports that police found many of the teenagers in that bust still high on drugs but did not release details of what drugs were found during the raid.

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