Pattaya residents fear serial burglar as police fail to act

Residents in Pattaya are voicing their frustration and fear over a serial burglar targeting their rental rooms. Yesterday, July 10, reporters received complaints from these residents, who claim that a burglar has consistently broken into their rooms, stealing various belongings.

CCTV footage provided by the residents clearly captures the suspect in action.

The rental room resident, 43 year old Hathairat reported that her room has been targeted twice, potentially by the same individual. Living in a state of constant fear, she worries about the thief’s possible return.

Despite filing reports with the Pattaya police, Hathairat expressed disappointment over the lack of arrests, or any progress in the investigations so far, noting that the burglar continues to terrorise her neighbourhood.

She also mentioned that other rooms in her complex have faced similar break-ins, with their police reports resulting in no notable action.

The owner of the rental property, 57 year old Jamreung Panprateep echoed these sentiments. She highlighted the growing hopelessness among the victims due to the apparent inaction of the police. Pleading with the police, Panprateep urged them to expedite their investigation and apprehend the suspect before further incidents occur.

The residents of Soi Khao Talo are eagerly awaiting a resolution to their plight, hoping for a prompt response from law enforcement to restore their sense of security, reported The Pattaya News.

In related news, Bangkok Police arrested a man for a series of burglaries, including a recent theft at a construction materials store. The 53 year old man was apprehended following a detailed investigation.

In other news, a Thai woman reported to Pattaya police that a man posing as a cop groped her inside a nightclub on South Pattaya Road early yesterday. The 39 year old woman, referred to as Aim to protect her privacy, recounted the incident, which occurred while she was enjoying a song and a drink at the establishment.

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