King Vajiralongkorn champions equal education for Thai youth

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King Maha Vajiralongkorn is steadfast in his mission to provide equal education opportunities for Thai youth, viewing education as pivotal for the country’s progress.

In 2009, then-Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn initiated the Crown Prince Scholarship, which has since evolved into a foundation dedicated to offering scholarships to underprivileged youth. The King personally chairs this foundation.

Privy Councillor General Dapong Ratanasuwan highlighted the monarch’s commitment to education in a speech titled Good Teachers, Power of the Nation on January 16, 2020. He noted that King Rama X possessed extensive knowledge about education, surpassing common expectations.

The king has tasked privy councillors with continuing over 4,000 projects initiated by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great, according to Dapong.

“The king emphasises the necessity of nurturing a positive and correct attitude among Thai youth, which he believes is essential for their future careers and responsible citizenship.”

The monarch has also directed privy councillors to guide the educational efforts of Rajabhat universities across the country. These institutions are crucial to national development due to their widespread presence. The king insists that these universities maintain their primary roles of producing educators and spearheading local development.

Beyond scholarships for economically disadvantaged students, King Vajiralongkorn has modernised Thailand’s long-distance education system. Originally launched by King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great in 1995, this system is now available online 24/7.

The educational content has been expanded from grades 1 through 6 to include pre-school through Grade 9. This expanded curriculum was broadcast in the 2018 school year’s first term.

Archived broadcast content remains accessible online for anyone interested.

The king’s efforts reflect a deep-seated belief in education as a cornerstone of national development and individual growth, ensuring that learning opportunities are accessible to all corners of Thailand, reported Bangkok Post.

In related news, King Rama X’s lifelong passion for sports has made a significant impact on Thailand’s sporting culture. His journey began at a young age when he mastered horseback riding at around 11 years old, quickly proving himself to be an adept rider.

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