Fake officer gropes woman in Pattaya nightclub

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A Thai woman has reported to Pattaya police that a man posing as a cop groped her inside a nightclub on South Pattaya Road early yesterday. The 39 year old woman, referred to as Aim to protect her privacy, recounted the incident, which occurred while she was enjoying a song and a drink at the establishment.

Aim described how a group of tourists was leaving the nightclub when a group of ten men approached her to say hello. One man from the group, who claimed to be a police officer from Rayong province, initiated a conversation with her. Aim engaged in the conversation out of politeness.

The man briefly left her table but returned shortly afterwards. Aim alleged that the man then reached inside her shirt and grabbed her breasts, causing her significant distress.

She shouted in response, drawing the attention of the man’s companions, who stood up and threatened her, asserting that the man was indeed a police officer. Despite their claims, Aim insisted that the man had no right to touch her inappropriately.

Upon contacting Pattaya police, officers promptly arrived at the nightclub, but the group of men had already fled the scene through the back door. Aim has since filed a police report, demanding legal action against the alleged offender, reported The Pattaya News.

The Pattaya police are actively investigating the case and working to identify the suspect involved in the incident.

In related news, a Thai woman accused the management and teachers of a school in the northern province of Phitsanulok of ignorance after several schoolgirls, including her niece, were sexually assaulted by a foreign teacher.

The victim’s 30 year old aunt, Kai, decided to share details of the sexual assault with Channel 3 on July 4, after the school dismissed the issue. Kai claimed that her 11 year old niece was not the only victim adding five of the girl’s friends were also targeted by the foreign teacher.

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