Bangkok brawl leaves two teens dead, one injured in soi showdown

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Two teenagers were found dead yesterday and another 16 year old was severely injured following a fatal brawl involving several teenagers in Soi Udomsuk 26, Bang Na in Bangkok.

Bangkok police received a report at 11.30pm, Sunday, July 7, regarding the killing and injuries.

Upon arrival, officers and rescuers discovered the bodies of the two victims, one 14 and the other 15, who had suffered five stab wounds each and fatal head injuries inflicted by a 3-kilogramme rock.

Nearby, a 16 year old victim was found in critical condition with stab wounds to his torso. He was given first aid before being transported to Bang Phli Hospital, where he is now reported to be safe under medical care. The police have withheld the names of the victims due to their age.

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At the scene, officers found a bloodstained rock and a 6-inch knife, which were collected as evidence. The incident allegedly stemmed from prior disputes on social media and a disagreement over damage to the suspects’ motorbike. The victims’ guardians had agreed to pay 2,000 baht in compensation for the damage, but a chance encounter led to the deadly confrontation.

Police have identified all seven juvenile suspects, aged between 14 and 16, whose names have been withheld due to their age. They were taken to Bang Na Police Station for further legal proceedings on charges of murder and other related crimes, reported Pattaya News.

Bangkok brawl leaves two teens dead, one injured in soi showdown | News by Thaiger
Picture courtesy of Pattaya News

In related news, police arrested four teenagers carrying weapons after a motorcycle chase in Bangkok. The teens confessed to buying guns online for self-defence against rivals. The incident occurred today, June 21, at 8.30am when police received a report of armed teenagers riding motorcycles.

The suspects were identified as 16 year old Phai, 17 year old Ek, 17 year old Pheem, and 17 year old Ping. The teenage group were found with two guns, four bullets, a 12-inch knife, and an 11-inch metal spike. The arrest occurred on Sukhaphiban 5 Road near the Chatuchot intersection in the Sai Mai district.

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