Road rage incident in Chiang Mai sparks online debate (video)

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A recent incident involving a road rage altercation in Chiang Mai drew significant attention online. The dispute began when a woman driving slowly in the right lane was confronted by an irate driver, who accused her of using her mobile phone while driving.

The incident, which occurred yesterday, involved 28 year old Aem, who was driving on Samphoch 700 Pi Road in Chiang Mai. Aem was using her mobile to navigate via Google Maps as she was unfamiliar with the area, having travelled from Lampang to handle some errands at the Chiang Mai Provincial Court. While she was driving, another vehicle began tailgating her aggressively.

According to Aem’s account, the tailing vehicle eventually sped up, overtook her, and then abruptly cut her off, forcing her to brake suddenly. The male driver exited his vehicle, yelled at Aem, and proceeded to reach into her car to grab her keys, which he then threw away. Aem noted that she was not alone in the car; there were two other women and a seven year old child, all of whom were terrified by the confrontation.

The incident was recorded by Aem and subsequently posted online, where it sparked a heated debate. Comments on social media were divided, with some expressing sympathy for Aem and concern for her safety, while others criticised her for using her phone while driving and blocking the right lane.

Police Colonel Winichai Phinitsak of Chang Phueak Police Station confirmed that police had received information about the incident and obtained clear evidence, including the license plate number of the aggressor’s vehicle. The police had been in contact with Aem, who had initially delayed filing a formal complaint due to other commitments.

Pol. Col. Winichai explained that the altercation actually took place on July 3 but was only posted by Aem the day before yesterday. Aem intended to file a report today but had not specified a time.

Road rage

Preliminary investigations suggested that Aem might have been using her phone while driving, which is a traffic violation, and staying in the right lane, thereby causing a hazardous situation. Meanwhile, the male driver’s reaction was deemed excessively aggressive, reported KhaoSod.

“Both parties need to be reminded about road safety and the legal implications of their actions,” Pol. Col. Winichai stated. “Using a mobile phone while driving can lead to significant distractions, and driving in the right lane at a slow pace is dangerous. Likewise, responding with aggression can result in severe consequences and damage.”

He further advised that if Aem proceeds with filing a complaint, the male driver could be charged with causing property damage. The police are prepared to summon the driver for questioning if a formal complaint is lodged.

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