Bloody end to innocent celebratory nap

An Udon Thani woman who was attacked by her husband last week is now looking around for someone new. Husband Somchai returned home early, and threw her lover out of her bed, before stabbing him.

Chanoknat says she is unhappy with her husband Somchai Sonangam. According to Bangkok Post, the 44 years old says her rude husband barged in on her as she was “having a few drinks” at her home in Chai Wan district with a male friend, in bed.

When they arrived at the scene, cops found the male friend, Theerawat, lying in a pool of blood. Somchai, a builder, had returned early from a job in Khon Kaen in the hope of surprising his wife. But he was the one who got the surprise when he found the pair drunk in bed.

Theerawat, a friend of Somchai, insisted he was just sleeping off the drinking session. Somchai, who already suspected his wife of playing around, did not believe him and chased him out of the house.

Somchai said…

“Outside, Theerawat found a hammer and started hitting me with it, so I grabbed the knife and stabbed him in self-defence.”

A likely story!

Somchai then scarpered and hid in a nearby rice field, returning once he had regained his composure.

Chanoknat said she was partying after receiving a payment under the government’s rice management scheme. She withdrew 5,000 baht and asked Theerawat around for a celebratory drink.

She said…

“I get lonely when my husband is away. But he behaved poorly, causing a commotion like that.”

A commotion? He stabbed the guy!

Neighbours said Somchai is often away for long periods.

While Chanoknat at first denied anything untoward, she soon admitted to having an affair with Theeraway, and had been for five years. She and Somchai had only been married for eight years and had no children.

Somchai said he is sad and confused about what happened, however, he has no plans to sever his ties with either, as both of them mean too much to him.

He declared…

“Once I am out of jail, I will go back to my wife as usual as I still love her. As for Theerawat, I have to come to an understanding with him, as I owe him many things in life.”

Chanoknat, however, has other ideas.

She feels sorry for Theerawat as he was stabbed. While she still loves her husband, she’s not so keen on his violent temper, or the lack of kids. She said…

“He’s now going to jail, and I don’t have the 20,000 baht needed for his bail. My son and daughter from my first marriage say I should quit with him and find someone else. And I have to agree. I have told him I want to end our marriage but he won’t accept it.”

Police have charged Somchai with assault leading to serious injury.

These are just everyday events in the land of happy marriages, where couples seem to be able to find any excuse for torturing one another including stealing the lottery winnings, and filming each other having sex with strangers.

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