Fearless Thai child makes a splash with ‘crocs’ of a different kind

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A fearless child was seen playing and swimming with several baby reptiles that looked remarkably like crocodiles. The video clip, which took social media by storm earlier this week, shows the girl fearlessly chasing the tiny reptiles around a tub, picking them up with ease.

Reporters, eager to uncover the story behind the viral sensation, traced the video to a crocodile farm in Tha Takiab district, Chachoengsao province. There, they spoke to the farm’s owner, Kwanrudee Siripreecha, who revealed that the brave little girl was her four year old daughter. According to Kwanrudee, her daughter has been fascinated by baby crocodiles since she was two years old.

“She started by putting newborn reptiles into a water bowl and watching them swim. These baby crocodiles are less than 15 days old. They do not have teeth yet and therefore cannot bite.”

Despite the apparent danger, Kwanrudee assured that her daughter is always under close adult supervision when interacting with the baby crocodiles.

“You can’t play with them once they get older and have more teeth as well as thicker skin.”

While many viewers were amazed by the girl’s fearless interaction with the reptiles, some expressed concern. Some netizens warned that the video might set a dangerous precedent, as most people are unaware of when it is safe to handle baby crocodiles. There are fears that other children might attempt to imitate the girl’s actions, leading to potentially harmful situations, reported The Nation.

In related news, a 2-metre-long crocodile weighing 30 kilogrammes sent villagers in Huay Yai Village, East Pattaya into panic as it casually sunbathed by Taklom Fishing Pond on Sunday, February 4. Locals and news crews flocked to capture the unexpected visitor on video, showcasing the reptile’s playful antics and its remarkable evasive skills during capture attempts.

In other news, undercover investigators have leaked a video and shocking images that uncover the horrifying truth behind Thailand’s reptile farms, which supply major fashion brands like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, and Louis Vuitton.

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