Video footage shows sewage spill on Jomtien Beach

Photo courtesy of Pattaya Mail

Authorities sprang into action after a video showing sewage gushing into the sea at Soi 8, Jomtien Beach surfaced on Wednesday.

Mayor Poramet Ngampichet hailed the quick response, revealing yesterday that the once-polluted waters had returned to their pristine state, much to the delight of beach enthusiasts.

Mayor Poramet lauded the swift reaction to the crisis, highlighting Pattaya City officials’ immediate investigation upon receiving the distressing reports. Collaborating with Na Jomtien Subdistrict Municipality, backhoes were promptly dispatched to cover the sewage outfall area, restoring tranquillity to the coastal landscape.

Revealing Pattaya City’s robust sewage treatment infrastructure at Wat Boonkanchanaram, Poramet disclosed its capacity to process up to 42,000 cubic metres of sewage daily, an excess capability currently underutilised.

This surplus capacity facilitated the accommodation of 3,000 cubic metres of sewage daily from Na Jomtien Subdistrict, cementing the commitment outlined in the cooperation memorandum, reported Pattaya Mail.

Despite the incident’s geographically distant impact, Poramet underscored the urgency of combatting sewage pollution’s adverse effects on tourism.

In related news, residents and tourists on Jomtien Beach were left fuming after a beach umbrella operator was accused of monopolising parking access to their designated area, despite being a public space. The conduct of the operator sparked concerns among the beachgoers, prompting Deputy Mayor Wuthisak Rermkijakarn to take swift action.

Expressing dismay at the reported behaviour, Deputy Mayor Wuthisak personally visited the scene of the alleged incident on Tuesday, March 12.

In other news, Pattaya City is under scrutiny as officials launch an investigation into the polluted waters of the Na Kluea Canal, following complaints from residents. Reports flooded in, accompanied by damning video evidence, revealing a grim reality of garbage-strewn waters and lifeless fish floating on the surface.

Allegations point fingers at industrial estates in the vicinity, accused of negligently allowing toxic substances to seep into the canal through runoff. Residents, outraged by the environmental degradation, demanded swift action from authorities.

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