Pollution plagues Pattaya’s Na Kluea Canal

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Pattaya City is under scrutiny as officials launch an investigation into the polluted waters of the Na Kluea Canal, following complaints from residents.

Reports flooded in, accompanied by damning video evidence, revealing a grim reality of garbage-strewn waters and lifeless fish floating on the surface.

Allegations point fingers at industrial estates in the vicinity, accused of negligently allowing toxic substances to seep into the canal through runoff. Residents, outraged by the environmental degradation, demanded swift action from authorities.

In response, Manoch Nongyai, Deputy Mayor of Pattaya City, spearheaded an expedition to the site yesterday to confront business operators implicated in the pollution and forge effective solutions. Initial assessments indicated that while the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) levels of the water were within acceptable parameters, intermittent discharge of wastewater from nearby residences exacerbated the issue, particularly during heavy rainfall.

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Manoch wasted no time and ventured to a nearby flour mill, a suspected culprit in the pollution incident. Factory representatives staunchly defended their wastewater management protocols, asserting compliance with regulations. They detailed a comprehensive treatment process, involving biogas recycling and advanced filtration techniques to mitigate odours and enhance water quality.

Undeterred, Manoch outlined plans for future inspections, extending beyond the Na Kluea Canal to encompass upstream regions, reported Pattaya News.

The goal is to staunch the flow of wastewater into public waterways, safeguarding the community’s environmental well-being.

In related news, reports revealed strange pink canal water in Nonthaburi on Valentine’s Day as scientists scrambled to uncover the truth behind the sudden rosy hue. Experts from the Department of Science Service (DSS) embarked on an investigation uncovering startling findings that could change the way we see pollution. The case, discovered in Khlong Bang Phraek near the Big C department store on Tiwanon Street, sparked urgent calls for action.

In other news, Kamala Beach in Phuket found itself in a murky situation, the main canal has turned black and is producing an unpleasant smell.

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