Beach umbrella operator sparks outrage on Jomtien Beach

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Residents and tourists on Jomtien Beach were left fuming after a beach umbrella operator was accused of monopolising parking access to their designated area, despite being a public space.

The conduct of the operator sparked concerns among the beachgoers, prompting Deputy Mayor Wuthisak Rermkijakarn to take swift action.

Expressing dismay at the reported behaviour, Deputy Mayor Wuthisak personally visited the scene of the alleged incident on Tuesday, March 12. He emphasised that public roads should remain accessible to all, regardless of any commercial interests.

Efforts to mediate between the involved parties hit roadblocks due to conflicting statements. Nevertheless, the implicated operator received clear directives to strictly adhere to regulations and refrain from unfair treatment of tourists.

In a bid to tackle such misconduct, progressive disciplinary measures were outlined. Initial violations would result in a 15-day suspension, with subsequent offences escalating to a 30-day suspension. Persistent misconduct could lead to the revocation of their business licence.

Wuthisak reiterated Pattaya City’s unwavering commitment to ensuring fair and lawful beach operations. He underscored the municipality’s dedication to upholding the rights and access of both residents and visitors, reported Pattaya Mail.

Urging the public to take action, Wuthisak encouraged individuals to document any inappropriate actions by beach umbrella operators and report them to the Pattaya Contact Centre via the emergency hotline 1337.

In related news, residents of Na Jomtien in Sattahip raised concerns over continuous disturbances and unauthorised commercial activities on the beach. These issues have previously been highlighted and rectified, thanks to the combined efforts of local officials and law enforcement. However, according to the community, the resolutions have been temporary rather than a permanent fix.

In other news, in the blistering heat of midday last Friday, March 8, a frenzy of ravenous monkeys cascaded down from Khao Sam Muk, invading Bang Saen Beach in Chon Buri province. With desperation in their eyes, the furry bandits eagerly awaited sustenance from unsuspecting tourists, with some even resorting to car-climbing antics in a desperate bid for food.

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