Urgent renovation planned for Bangkok’s Mo Chit 2 bus terminal

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Bangkok Bus Terminal, popularly known as Mo Chit 2, is set for an urgent renovation, according to the Transport Minister, Suriya Jungrungreangkit. His remarks were in response to a complaint lodged by Suphanat Meenchainan, a Move Forward Party MP who represents the Chatuchak, Bang Khen and Lak Si constituencies.

Suriya, during a statement on Saturday, disclosed that he had instructed Transport Company Ltd to urgently repair the terminal’s dilapidated facilities and address safety concerns as outlined in Suphanat’s complaint aired on Wednesday. The issues raised, according to Suriya, resulted from a lack of proper maintenance and care by the preceding government.

With respect to the forthcoming New Year travel period, Suriya revealed that he has directed the transport authorities to be vigilant, particularly in addressing issues such as drunk driving and drug consumption.

Suphanat had highlighted 14 issues plaguing Mo Chit 2 terminal, prompting netizens to criticise the terminal for its substandard services, faulty facilities, and lack of safety and convenience, especially ahead of the holiday season – one of the busiest periods of the year. The problems ranged from defective equipment and restrooms to poorly illuminated areas, security blind spots, and insufficient transport connections, reported Bangkok Post.

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In response, Transport Company Ltd, which operates the state-run interprovincial buses, issued a statement explaining that it was unable to find the right spare parts to repair some of the defunct facilities, including the terminal’s 26 year old escalators. The company also addressed concerns about an unoccupied space at the terminal, stating that it was currently being converted into a transport hub as part of a ministry policy.

The organisation also disclosed its plans to renovate the unused area outside the terminal next year. This area, which was previously a commercial zone, has remained vacant due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Responding to the company’s statement, Suphanat argued that the explanations provided were unacceptable. He insisted that despite the budget allocation for the repair of the escalators eight months ago, they still remained broken. He also revealed that homeless individuals had started occupying some of the empty buildings.

Suphanat further expressed his concern about the deteriorating state of Mo Chit 2, stating that it could potentially deter tourism and have economic implications for cities linked to the terminal, which is a major transit point for interprovincial bus transport.

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