Thai municipal employees hit the lottery jackpot of 6 million baht

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A couple, both municipal employees of the Subdistrict Administrative Organization, celebrated the new year with a win at the lottery – a whopping 6 million baht (US$ 172,271). Forty four year old Nitaya Pongsawin, and her 38 year old husband, Nopadol Khonsawan, who live in Srisamran Subdistrict, planned to construct a new building in their field in honour of their success. They visited Wat Phai Khat in Song Phi Nong District, Suphanburi, yesterday to pay their respects to Luang Phor Phra Yai and Tao Ves Suwan Noh before tying the sacred three-coloured cloth around the latter.

The couple brought along nine eggs, nine types of fruits, nine types of sweets, and red water to pay homage. They were lucky enough to hit the first prize of the lottery with ticket number 625544, which was sold in lot 2, set 40. Nitaya revealed that she purchased the lottery ticket from her husband, who sells lottery tickets in front of Luang Phor Yai, Wat Phai Khat. In addition to helping with general tasks within the temple, the couple will also share their winnings with their parents and benefactors, make merit, and have a middle-field movie prepared to honour Luang Phor Yai and Tao Ves Suwan Noh, Wat Phai Khat, reported KhaoSod.

Nitaya stated, “As for the work at the Subdistrict Administrative Organization, we will continue and not resign. The reason for buying the number ending in 44 is because it matches my age, 44 years old, and our house number, 44. It also coincidentally matches the incense number 544 that we used to worship Luang Phor Yai. Normally, I would support my husband by buying 2 to 3 tickets per round, but this time I could only buy one. Winning the first prize in this lottery, I believe, is the merit of Luang Phor Yai and Tao Ves Suwan Noh.”

Phra Athikarn Pattanachanyasak Tapakunoh, or Phra Ajarn Odd, the abbot of Wat Phai Khat, extended his congratulations to the couple. He expressed that the couple regularly helps out at the temple when they have free time and wished them to use their winnings wisely.

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