Undercover scandal: Child prostitution and curfew violations uncovered in northern province

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The Department of Provincial Administration last night uncovered underage drinking, curfew violations and child prostitution at two entertainment venues in the northern province of Phayao. As a consequence of this discovery, five officers from Meuang Phayao Police Station have been transferred.

Acting on a tip-off from the anti-trafficking Immanuel Foundation, authorities from the Department of Provincial Administration, Phayao Provincial Office and relevant officials raided a pub called the Hollywood and a karaoke bar located within the Phayao Gateway Hotel last night, September 17.

The foundation told officers that the karaoke bar was luring young girls to sell sex services, with each girl being compelled to share their earnings with the bar.

At the karaoke bar, the authorities posed as customers buying services from the young girls. Two girls were rescued from the illegal business, the youngest of whom was 14 years old. The bar owner was charged with human trafficking and seeking profits from child prostitution.

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The raid at the karaoke bar led to another operation at the Hollywood pub. During the operation, the young girls invited undercover officers to join them at the Hollywood pub, which opened late over the restricted time and allowed underage customers. So, the officers took that as information to conduct a raid at the bar.

At the Hollywood pub, officers discovered 143 underage partygoers, the youngest of whom was 17 years old. The pub was also operating and serving alcohol after the restricted hours. Officers later asked the Phayao provincial governor to ban the venue and its owner from operating the entertainment venue for five years.

The authorities told ThaiRath that no police officers were involved in the raid. As a result, five police officers from the Mueang Phayao Police Station responsible for policing the area were immediately transferred from their positions.

The identities of the five police officers were not revealed in the report. They will work with the Phayao Provincial Police until further notice. Investigations into whether or not the police officers were present at the illegal entertainment venues will be carried out later.

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