Internet sensations make waves in dramatic love triangle

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A drama involving three Thai Internet celebrities blew up into a full-fledged love triangle melodrama over the weekend surrounding a couple, nicknamed Wave, his ex-partner P’Porn, and his new girlfriend.

Following a tumultuous episode marked by accusations of infidelity, disputes over valuables, and car-related issues, Wave and Pee Lek, Wave’s new partner, issued apologies to P’Porn.

This development came after the trio became embroiled in a series of controversies, including the use of derogatory language by Wave and Pee Lek when referring to P’Porn as “Pun,” which is a derogatory term for intellectual disability. This choice of words sparked a significant backlash.

Wave and Pee Lek recently took to live streaming to apologise for their actions. They confessed that their comments about Pun were made in a state of shock and distress, and they didn’t mean any harm. They emphasised that they often use this term in their everyday language, even referring to themselves with it. Acknowledging their mistake, they extended an apology for all the incidents, accepting that they were at fault.

Furthermore, they swore on their family’s well-being, professing their innocence regarding the allegations of infidelity with Pee Por and Pee Lek.

They asserted that if there were any truth to Wave cheating on Pee Por with Pee Lek, they’d let their family perish. Despite the tumultuous situation, they remain committed to each other, dealing with the drama together. This ongoing saga continues to captivate their fans and the public, with each new development adding a twist to their love triangle, Khaosod reported.

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A significant breakthrough in the fight against online prostitution rings came to light last Friday when Thai Police revealed the capture of an American-Thai couple. The authorities believe they were the brains behind Thailand’s most extensive online escort service and sex agency website, tailormade to cater to an international clientele. Read more about this news HERE.

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