Thai Karaoke bar owner arrested for trafficking and exploitation of minors

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The Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division (ATPD) recently made a successful raid, apprehending a Thai karaoke bar owner for allegedly exploiting and trafficking girls under 18 years old in the Nakhon Ratchasima province.

The operation took place on June 20, following a tip-off about illicit activities at a karaoke bar in the Chok Chai area. The 48 year old bar owner, Sreelamul, confessed to the charges at the local station on the same day.

A covert operation, ordered by Sararuti from the ATPD, and carried out by officials including Monun Kaewkum, an ATPD officer, and Kritsada Plailahan, a welfare worker, culminated in arresting Sreelamul, otherwise known as ‘Jeh Lamul.’

She is accused of human trafficking offences including procuring a child younger than 18 for a sexual act, trafficking a child younger than 18 for sexual exploitation, and operating a service facility without permission, reported KhaoSod.

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The complaint alleged that the karaoke bar in Chok Chai district, run surreptitiously, exploited girls under 18 by enabling prostitution. Previously undisclosed prices for these services were reportedly between 2,000 to 2,300 baht (US$57 to US$65). Allegations also hint at the establishment consistently taking advantage of the minors by withholding earnings. Securing evidence, a decoy approached to solicit services, confirming the illicit activities. Consequently, Sreelamul was arrested, and the underage girl who was lured into prostitution was rescued and separated for victim assistance.

Following an investigation, Sreelamul admitted to the allegations. Having confessed, she is now in the hands of an investigative officer from ATPD, waiting for further legal proceedings.

Two weeks ago, Thai authorities arrested members of a human trafficking gang operating in Chiang Mai. The arrests followed tip-offs from organisations fighting human trafficking, such as Destiny Rescue and the Immanuel Foundation.

Officials discovered that My Tirak Bar and My Tirak Pub were offering sexual services, involving minors, to foreign customers. To read more click HERE.

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