Thai PM honours teachers on Teacher’s Day, emphasising their role in national education

Thailand Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin today marked Teacher’s Day 2024 by bestowing honours upon teachers for their significant contribution to the nation’s education. He wished happiness and robust health for all educational personnel, underlining their role in fostering Thai children into valuable assets for both the country and the world.

Respecting teachers as diligent workers crucial in crafting valuable individuals for the nation, PM Srettha used Teacher’s Day to express gratitude and appreciation to all teachers in our lives, including those still in the profession. Highlighting their importance to national education, the Bangkok-born politician presented a motto for 2024 Teachers lay the foundation of thought, and promote students’ creativity.

“This motto emphasises that a teacher’s role isn’t confined only to textbook teaching or imparting knowledge from a syllabus. Instead, a good teacher should equip students with thinking methods and diverse data management skills.

“Individuals with good thinking patterns will mature into capable self-learners. Teachers should also inspire creativity, unleash potential, and allow students to acquire skills that respond to the rapidly changing world.

“In addition, they should instil respect for human values, morality, and global ethics, while fostering understanding and empathy towards others. All these attributes are at the heart of human development, the work of teachers, and the essence of education.”

To mark the 68th Teacher’s Day in 2024, the 61 year old Thai prime minister extended his blessings to all teachers and educational personnel. His wishes included happiness, robust physical and mental health, and work advancements, all to jointly cultivate Thai children and youth into valuable resources for the country and the world, reported KhaoSod.

Thai PM Srettha delivered a message ahead of Teacher’s Day highlighting the importance of teachers as leaders of knowledge, who bring together teachings from textbooks and experiences. He emphasized that teachers are not merely instructors, but creators and givers.

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