Thai technician’s no-drill aircon install in Trat goes viral

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A Thai air conditioning technician from Trat has ingeniously circumvented a landlord’s strict no-drilling policy by innovatively installing an air conditioning unit without altering the property’s walls. The landlord’s uncompromising stance on wall modifications led to the resourceful solution, which was shared on ช่างแอร์​ พัทยา Facebook group.

The Facebook post, by แอร์ด่วน พัทยา, showcased a creative workaround to the typical air conditioning installation that would require drilling into walls to mount the unit and lay out pipes. Instead, the technician constructed tall, standing legs for the air conditioner, bypassing the need to hang it on the wall.

The hot air exhaust, which would usually necessitate a hole in the wall, was redirected through a window. To complete the setup, a future board was placed over the window, with holes drilled into it instead of the wall, ensuring the integrity of the property was not compromised.

The post sparked a discussion, with comments expressing sympathy for the tenant’s predicament. It was revealed that the tenant had considered moving out due to the heat but risked losing their deposit. Moreover, the landlord had demanded a sizable fee of 8,000 baht (US$217) for permission to drill. The technician explained that this inventive solution was driven by the tenant’s desperation in the face of the intense heat.

Amidst the discussion, some questioned why a portable air conditioner was not used. The technician clarified that the customer had previously tried using a portable unit, but it proved too costly in terms of electricity consumption. The room was quite large, and the portable air conditioner’s combined cooling and exhaust fan system led to heavy power usage, especially when run continuously, reported Sanook.

The story, once shared, quickly went viral, drawing widespread attention and admiration online. Netizens lauded the technician’s brilliance, with comments ranging from playful jests about the challenging nature of air conditioning jobs to expressions of awe at the technician’s skill and ingenuity.

The technician was hailed as a legend in their field, with netizens humorously musing that there seems to be nothing a skilled air conditioning technician can’t do and praising the practical and relocatable nature of the installation.

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