Thai comedian Udom’s Netflix special stirs self-sufficiency debate

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The recent stand-up special by Thai comedian Udom Taepanich, also known as Nose, on Netflix has sparked a flurry of discussion, particularly for his candid remarks about the concept of self-sufficiency and the realities of rural life versus the portrayal of it by celebrities and influencers. His comments have drawn attention from various quarters, including a pointed response from retired police lieutenant general Rewat Klinkesorn, who criticised Udom’s approach to the subject.

Udom’s segment, part of his show titled Super Soft Power, touched on his attempt to live a self-sufficient life embracing nature, an endeavour he ultimately found challenging.

“I am a person who does not know contentment. I really couldn’t do it.”

He elaborated on the pretence involved in such a lifestyle, suggesting that what he and others often seek to display is a mere image of self-sufficiency, influenced by celebrities who appear to engage in agricultural activities for show rather than as a genuine way of life.

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“I know now, I’m not a farmer. As a child, I was poor enough, no need to pretend to be poor. I want cool air-conditioning, strong Internet, to watch Netflix all day, and no flies bothering my eyes. I am a consumer.”

Reacting to these comments, Rewat, who is a well-known former narcotics officer with a strong social media presence, shared his thoughts in a 42-minute YouTube livestream on his channel. Initially, Rewat expressed his disapproval, suggesting that Udom’s words were disrespectful and inappropriate. He commented that previously he enjoyed watching the comedian, but now found his content offensive and not in good taste.

However, in a subsequent livestream, Rewat revisited the topic after watching Udom’s full special. He acknowledged that Udom had not violated any laws and that no statements made were illegal.

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Rewat clarified his position, stating that while he does not engage in politics or endorse any political party, he felt provoked by Udom’s mockery of the principle of sufficiency, a concept deeply intertwined with Thai values. He emphasised that comedians have a plethora of material to work with and questioned the need to make light of such a meaningful topic, reported Sanook.

Despite his initial reaction, Rewat admitted that he has always found Udom’s comedy to be entertaining and that he has been the subject of impersonations by other comedians without taking offence. He concluded by musing that he might have overreacted and that Udom’s intentions might not have been as he first perceived.

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